Buying New Homes – Why it is More Worth it

Property investors are eyeing the big cities such as Sydney as the best location when buying real properties. Sydney developers are building new home on many of its suburbs as families are more on owning newly built homes rather than old homes. Buying a new family home is considered a big ticket items and many family would rather choose new or nothing at all for a home. However, is buying a newly built home worth the capital or your hard-earned money?

Better deal

Purchasing a new home offers better deal since there is lesser work to be done on the property itself. Old homes usually needs repairs and renovation before you can moved in to suit your lifestyle, family size and needs. New home builders have come up with varieties in design that easily fits one’s lifestyle, family size and needs. These options are the results of property builders’ planning and marketing strategies. These new homes in Sydney allow owners to enjoy everything new like new floors, windows, fresh paints, modern kitchen and bedrooms and the new owners will just have to move in. Other than eliminating the worries of repairs and renovations, it is gives one the feeling of owning something that is new and with your property your biggest investment in your life, a newly built home makes it a real big ticket item.

Worth of buying newly built homes

New home builders are doing the hard work of becoming the strongest performer in the real estate market. They’re offering new properties that are energy and environmentally-friendly, with lower maintenance cost and the very important higher claimable depreciation value. These offers are the reasons why new properties and homes are very attractive to high-quality buyers. Property investors renting out the property enjoy lower vacancy and steady capital growth. Buying new property also offer good price deal as many developers are building homes that are budget-friendly and in affordable cost and guaranteeing buyers of owning homes according to their personal designs, materials and some added extras.

Buying a new home is definitely a good investment especially in an expensive city like Sydney. First home buyer enjoy the benefits of First Home Buyer Assistance Scheme for home worth less than $650.000 and full exemption on transfer duty or Stamp Duty. This alone makes the buying more advantageous. Added to this is the $10,000 First Home Owner grant for all eligible buyers. These motivations put some weights in deciding whether to buy newly built or old homes.