Call Us for Decomposed Body Cleanup

When a body begins to decompose, it releases bodily fluids that can be dangerous to the health of anyone who comes into contact with it. Additionally, if the weather has been warm, or the death took place in a warm climate, the decomposition process occurs more quickly. In situations like these, it is best for those most closely impacted by the unattended death to have the professionals handle the decomposed body cleanup.

Those most closely hit by the unattended death do not need to be the ones to handle the cleanup of the scene of the passing. They have more to think about and process than cleaning up the area where a loved one passed away. That is why we partner with community organizations and local authorities to provide the practical assistance they need to begin walking the path to healing.

A decomposing body causes a biohazardous situation that has to be cleaned up properly. Each member of our team has completed a comprehensive training program to teach them how to properly handle the cleanup of various types of biohazardous situations, including unattended deaths.

They follow the letter of the law to ensure that the area is cleaned according to the regulations the government has set for the cleanup of biohazardous conditions. You can be sure that the cleanup will be done properly and thoroughly, using the latest pieces of equipment and best practices in the industry. When clients call us, they can relax knowing that we have the situation well in hand.

We put our clients at the core of all the work that we do. We are professionals who work with integrity and compassion and who have a deep appreciation for the sensitivity of our clients’ situations. When we are called, we usually arrive within an hour, and we assess the situation. Then we get started cleaning.

Typically, we are finished cleaning in a few hours. However, we never sacrifice the quality of our work for speed. Our work is thorough and complete, and no surface is left contaminated. When there are items that cannot be decontaminated, like flooring, drywall, or carpeting, we simply dispose of them according to proper procedure so that the area is safe to use, and the risk of infection is minimized.

When you need the best decomposed body cleanup in the area, please let us know. We will be happy to be of service.