Consideration for selecting a metal roofing supplier

If you are wanting to select a metal roof supplier for your new roofing, then here are a few major things to keep in mind:

  • Style and type of roof

When you start your research for metal roofing suppliers, you will find several suppliers focusing on different metal roofing materials. The difference here is if they focus on a vertical seam or modular panels. While vertical seam metal roofing has an exposed fastener, you can go with slate, tile, and wood shakes with modular panel roofs. It is also important to decide the type of fastening and clipping you need. You can use mechanically seamed standing seam panels or true-clip fasteners with standing seams. Lastly, look out for the coating available on the metal roofing. It is PVDF technology or stone coated. You can choose the one per your needs and the architectural look of your house.

  • Location

Find out if the metal roof supplier can supply the product at your location or not. Shipping wood shake, slate, shingles or tiles is simpler compared to vertical seam roof! However, both can be shipped anywhere across the country with ease.

  • Experience

Look out for the experienced of the metal roofing supplier. It is important to consider the years a supplier has spent in this field as it helps them get familiar with the flashing design and installation details. Also, because your supplier will provide you with a warranty, you would want to know their credibility, stability and history in the market. Hence, choose experienced and reliable manufacturers who enjoy leadership in the market.

  • Raw materials

Always check out the quality and grade of metal and coating provided by the supplier. A lot of manufacturers use poor quality metal and coating, making them less expensive. However, it is suggested that you should not compromise with the quality of the metal, grade and coating. Even if it may appear a costly investment initially, the ROI is great and will give you minimal upkeep and no-cost maintenance for all its life.

  • Pre-included accessories

Quality metal roofing manufacturers and suppliers offer pre-formed accessories for metal roofing. They provide fasteners, interlocking, and roofing panels that have the same warranty. The accessories are also tested and proven. So, if choosing a supplier, ensure that they offer form materials along with the shingles. And, do not forget to verify the warranty of the accessories.

  • Delivery and service

Enquire about how long it will take to get the roofing materials? Do some research to find out if the company enjoys a good reputation with its customer service? Do they communicate well with their customers? Do they respond to emails quickly? If a supplier doesn’t respond on time, then it is feasible that you don’t choose them. Find out the expected date and time of delivery to be prepared from before.

Now that you know the points to consider when hiring a metal roof supplier make sure you follow them. It will help you in selecting the right company for the job.