Few Common Myths Regarding Wood Like Tiles

Over the years, technology has been upgraded a lot and you can now get tiles that look exactly like wood. Many years ago, it was just not possible to imitate a real wood.

By using any such Carreaux Metro wood imitation tiles, it will be really very difficult for you to distinguish them from timber. However, with the arrival of revolutionary product like this, few myths are also associated with it.

In this post, we shall try to bust some of these common myths that many of you too must have heard, while shopping for this kind of tiles. Following are few of the myths about these wood-like tiles and also the real facts.

  1. Wood like tiles are cold

While you cannot totally dismiss this myth however, these tiles are not as cold as many people may often try to project it. If you use any underfloor heating system beneath the floor then you can always keep your floor warm.

Once the tile gets warmer then it will retain the temperature and also help you in the energy conservation too.

  1. Wood like tiles look like fake wood

When such wood like floors was introduced in the market, it was not looking exactly like the actual wood, however now the technology is much advanced and you will not be able to distinguish between wood like tile with the real wood.

Manufacturing process of ceramic tiles uses a very high-definition scanner to faithfully mimic real wooden surface.

  1. Wood tiles are not environment friendly

These tiles are made from various recycled products and other raw materials are highly regulated one. They can last for whole generation and contains no volatile organic compounds.

On the contrary, by using real wood, you are destroying the trees and new trees does not grow overnight.

  1. Wood tiles need no maintenance

Sadly, it is not fully true however it needs very little maintenance as compared to other tiles.

  1. Wood tiles will soon be outdated

As a matter of fact, many people demand for such tiles and there is no sign that it will go outdated.

  1. Wood tiles are too expensive

Nowadays there are many different grades of tiles in the market and surely you can find such wood like tiles within your budget.

  1. Wood tiles can be slippery

If you are planning to use them for bathroom then you can prefer the tiles that are rated with anti-slip property.