Getting to Know Patrick Shin, the Founder of Nan Inc

One of the companies that is renowned as masters of the art of construction is Nan Inc., based in Honolulu, Hawaii. It is a rather big name in the state and has handled a lot of complex and multimillion dollar projects for the private and commercial sector, as well as the local and federal government. It was founded in 1990, which means that it has been working in the industry for more than 30 years and during this time, they have handled an array of projects. Hence, they are equipped to handling anything and everything in the world of construction.

But, how did Nan Inc. manage to achieve this level of popularity and success? It is all because of the man who single-handedly established the company, Patrick Shin. He belonged to South Korea, where he was known as Nan Chul Shin, and he used his original name for the company. Upon moving to USA, he had changed his name for fitting in, as it was a dream come true for him. He spent some time in New York to help his brother in his fishing business before he earned a scholarship to Bowling Green State University. 

He majored in business administration and dreamt about becoming an entrepreneur. He worked as a construction laborer in Hawaii for two years and after learning the ins and outs, he decided to launch his own construction company. This was no small feat, but Patrick Shin was not willing to let anything discourage him from achieving his goal. He didn’t turn down any project and gradually built up a reputation of delivering exceptional and quality work, even though he only had one employee at the time. Today, his company has a workforce comprising of more than 500 employees and is known as one of the experts in construction.

However, the good thing about Patrick Shin is that even though success has taken him to new heights, he has remained grounded. He believes in giving back, so you can read about gift to health center by Nan Inc. owner, donations and other kind of assistance that he provides. Patrick Shin wanted his company to play a role in improving Hawaii and he has done that quite well. The company has taken on multiple projects that has enhanced the state and contributed to its future, while he himself has given back to the community through his philanthropy.