How A Garden Of Any Size Can Become A Chef’s Greatest Asset


Having a small garden, or even a balcony, can feel limiting. Some might take pleasure in the lack of maintenance a modest space requires but still find themselves wishing they were better equipped to enjoy the endeavours a larger outdoor area would allow them. This can be especially important for those who take great pleasure from their cooking, since a garden can support a kitchen in a number of ways, namely in the growing of delicious ingredients.

However, recent trends have led to a great number of modern garden designs, those that get creative with organisation allowing residents to achieve more with modest amounts of space. This has led to a new wave of culinary gardens and, more precisely, urban culinary gardening whereby chefs are now thriving in the potential of their outdoor spaces, no matter how smaller.

Move On Up

The first and most significant hurdle a small garden will be faced with is surface area. Considering this to be an issue impossible to remedy, some will give up. However, the answer lies in vertical gardening. Wall and fence brackets, as well as stacked containers, can entirely transform a garden’s area into a thriving realm, with certain plants, especially climbers, such as beans and peas, doing exceptionally well in vertical space.

Other plants, such as tomatoes and grapes, can be encouraged to grow upward against the side of sheds and log cabins, as well as fences and balcony rails.

If you’re in need of certain assets too, such as a dining area, even balconies can be designed to have a fold-out table surface, one that can be safely stored to free up space when not in use.

Find The Light

A second hurdle for many modest gardens is lighting. While some chefs will be happy to cook and host in the shade, their plants may not feel the same way. While there isn’t much one can do to remedy this situation, aside from potentially adjusting fences and planting trees that block the sunshine, there are a number of plants, especially herbs, that grow rather well in shady areas.

By choosing the right plants, a shaded garden can even be a blessing, since many other fruits and vegetables would struggle in the sun, needing to be watered more often, which also comes at a cost.

Turn To Technology

A number of previously large cooking items have now developed compact alternatives. Perhaps the most iconic chef’s asset is the Green Egg. This large, freestanding device is considered to be one of the best smoking devices for foods, however, its size has prevented many from purchasing one. Thankfully, there is now a tabletop sized alternative.

This shrinking is ubiquitous across the industry and even a chef with only a small garden space has the option for a wood-burning pizza oven. So, before you write off your garden as being useful, be sure to consider what gadgets you desire, because you may be surprised as to what is available.