How To Avoid Stinky Portable Toilets During An Outdoor Event

Managing sanitation is an essential part of hosting an outdoor event. The approach includes ensuring that portable toilets remain clean and odor free. Your objective is to provide a comfortable experience for visitors. The following suggestions should help in keeping your porta potty rental clean.

Assess Usage Numbers

One of the strategies to help maintain portable toilets is to assess usage numbers. You need to estimate the number of users on a weekly or monthly basis. The data will determine the number of toilets you need to install. Make sure to become realistic about the figures to avoid overuse and prevent the development of bacteria and odor.

Find a Shady Spot

Equally relevant in reducing odor in your porta potty rental involves finding a shady spot. The ideal location is in surrounding trees. The logic behind the move is that odor increases when subjected to heat. The midday sun makes the foul smell prominent. Also, the trees help provide adequate air flow necessary so the stench would not stay inside the toilet.


Similar to location, your portable toilets should have adequate ventilation. It is essential that the odor goes out of the space. If they become trapped, it will become unbearable and worsen over time. In finding rentals, try to look for ones with ducts and vents. These ventilation helps reduce the dissipation of foul odors and make cleaning and managing easier.

Study Sanitation Procedures

Business owners and organizers should also study sanitation procedures. They need to talk to portable toilet companies about ways to handle odor and bacteria. Part of the training involves the necessary chemicals to sanitize the area. You also get to determine cleaning intervals and reapplication of chemicals. The knowledge helps reduce the cost of hiring cleaners to do the task.

Stock on Cleaning Supplies

Knowledge of the sanitation process will help you determine the amount of cleaning supplies. These include items such as toilet paper rolls, hand sanitizers, cleaning tablets, and air freshener. The items will depend on the duration of your outdoor event. If you are unsure, you can ask a sanitation service provider to determine normal usage. You can also stock extra for emergencies.

Develop a Maintenance Plan

Budget-conscious organizers can create a maintenance plan where they focus on cleaning different areas of the portable toilet. A suggestion is to clean particular touch points. These are areas where users often touch and easily contaminate. Examples of these include tissue holders, dispensers for handwashes, and door knobs. Making an extra effort to clean these areas improves the overall cleanliness of the area.

Overall, the suggestions should help you maintain and clean a porta potty rental. In any outdoor event, it is crucial to have the preparation and management of waste. At the same time, familiarity with space and ventilation also improve the reduction of foul odor. By becoming aware of these challenges, event organizers can create a positive experience and allow participants to enjoy without worrying about cleanliness and hygiene issues.

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