Odor Removal Service: Why Does a Body Produce Foul Odor Following Death

While it is true that the life of a dead person remains the memory of the living, the reality of death is the foul odor that emanates from the unattended body. In many cases, the smell from the body can really make you wrench. Everyone knows that a decomposing body has a stench, even if you’ve never had a chance to encounter one. This makes the space unusable. Even with the stench and all potential pathogens lying around the scene, odor removal service providers make it a responsibility to get rid of the foul odor using specialized tools and equipment. After the cleaning is complete, you can return to your newly restored home, thanks to the expert service from professional odor removal service provider.

What Makes the Body Smell So Bad After Death

If you are like most people, you probably have no clue about how a decomposed body produces foul smells following death. To understand this process, you need first to understand what is involved in the death process itself. What happens to the human body when it becomes lifeless?

The death process begins when your body becomes lifeless. Every functional part including the brain, heart and other body system stop working. Unless the heart stops beating, the composition process begins. The heart plays a vital role in the body system. It is the heart that supplies nutrient and energy to other body parts so they can function and perform optimally. When the heart stops beating, everything stops automatically. The body temperature cools at the rate of about 1/5 degrees Fahrenheit an hour until it reaches room temperature.

So What Happens Inside the Human Body?

It’s simple. The body starts to decompose following a death. For instance, the skin remains fully alive for at least 24 hours following death. Medically, the skin of a body can be used for transplants at most 24 hours after the death of a body. The decomposition does not occur as a result of the dead components but due to what remains alive – bacteria. These bacteria feed on the dead body part to survive and stay alive. The bacteria start with the intestine and pancreas, and after digesting these parts, they move to other body parts. The human pancreas has a high concentration of bacteria.

Once the bacteria move to other body parts, a growing amount of foul smells is emitted. As the gas accumulates inside and escapes from the body, the deceased body starts changing color. At first, it turns green, then purple and finally black. Whatever space or room the body is placed will begin to fill with foul smell that you can barely tolerate.

Getting rid of foul smell from a decomposed body is never easy. Carrying out this task yourself puts you at an even greater health risk. For this reason, it is advisable to contact odor removal service providers. They are trained and well equipped to perform the cleaning process thoroughly.