Does my facility need Radios for security

Constant communication is essential in prison. Prison is a highly volatile environment where the hazard is always imminent. No wonder radio communication plays a very important role in protecting and managing the personnel present in the compound.

The hoplites of emergency communication:

You can make use of various models of radio transistor sets in your facility. Some of the best choicesis as follows:

  • Tait radios are high endurance transistor sets in sync with the high technical standards. The software is continuously tested for improvements. The result, more reliable and safe your communications are! Every Tait equipment is tested against extreme humidity, temperature, vibration, and shock. This makes it a top choice for fire crews, police and even the military.
  • Loaded with DMR and TETRA ranges, Hytera Radio sets have proved to be a world leader in two-way radio and communication system. Ever improving in its performance through stringent audits, this will definitely be a hit amongst your staff!
  • The Harris P25system makes use of radios and an IP based network. This brings in a dual benefit of two-way communication and location system that is a necessity especially when you have a large prison facility.

Pioneering companies like Homeland safety Systems have been in the field of providing custom tailored security solutions in schools, correctional centers, Industries, courthouse, day care center, hospitals and police station throughout the United States. Risk assessment is carried out by the technically sound crew on a regular basis to suggest improvement in internal procedures of your facility and ensure that these radios are in top working order at all times. The use of radio help to improve your staff productivity by keeping them on their toes a report even the slight signs of trouble immediately.