Top 5 Reasons to Buy a Vespa Scooter

They say once you go Vespa you never go back. The Vespa scooter is Italian made by the Piaggio Company. This unique and stylish scooter has become so popular due to its fuel efficiency, durable parts, easier parking, and its storage flexibility, the Vespa parts make it even more interesting as they give it an edge in the market. These are the reasons why you should buy a Vespa scooter. 

1. Gas mileage 

The Vespa scooter is famous for its mileage. A Vespa with a good engine averages between 40- 100 miles per gallon. Consequently, Vespa scooters are fuel efficient. This mileage is far much better compared to vehicles or other ordinary motorcycles. A Vespa owner can save money from the gas and enjoy the ride. 

2. Storage 
If you are looking for a scooter that has a lot of storage space, then you should have Vespa scooter. Scoters such as BV Tourneur 300 and 500, GTV 300, GTS 300 AND GTS Super 300 have a lot of storage space. Moreover, the storage space is convenient for storing items such as groceries, books. Laptops and other essential gears. This type of, a motorcycle is very suitable for delivery like fast food delivery. 

3. Speed 
If you are looking for a scooter that has the speed to, move you faster to your destination then you should go with a Vespa scooter. However, the top speed of a Vespa scooter depends on the size and weight of its engine. A 500cc scooter can average speed of 62 km/h while a 300cc scooter can have a top speed of 128km/h. You can also have aftermarket modifications to your scooter to make it faster than anyone can ever imagine. 

4. Build quality 
Vespa has managed to stay in the market over the years due to its high-quality parts. The high-quality Vespa parts ensure that you get to your destination safe. Moreover, rigorous testing of the parts ensures they are solid. The Vespa unique body frame part makes the scooter to stand out and sturdy. The Vespa bikes have hydraulic parts, automatic transmissions and traction control for efficiency. 

5. Maintenance 
The maintenance of Vespa scooters is cheap and easy. The Vespa dealers are usually a call away to offer assistance incase of an emergency and when you need repair and maintenance of the scooters. Moreover, it is easier to find the original Vespa parts due to its popularity, quality ones can be found if you visit Fowlers. Besides, the parts can be used to remodel to a scooter. The spare parts can be found generally from any Vespa dealer who will also maintain your scooter. Additionally, the Vespa scooter will last longer if you have proper maintenance. 
The Vespa scooter is very pocket-friendly in terms of fuel cost and maintenance. Additionally, the parts are very efficient for scooter owners who are seeking a reliable scooter. Next time you are considering owning a scooter, then you will see the advantages of Vespa scooters over the others.