The Top 5 Must-Have Tips In Your Newly Made Lawn And Garden To-Do List 

One of the most important facts about lawn and garden care is that there is no specific season to care for it. In reality, every month of the year should be a time to properly manage your lawn. Now, there are some times where your lawn will require extra attention but, that doesn’t mean that your lawn should be ignored in the other months. In fact, lawn care is one of the primary responsibilities of being a homeowner. Nonetheless, a good way to take care of your lawn and garden is to make a to-do list. That being said, there are some necessities in your lawn care to do list that have to be on there regardless of what else you put on it. With all of this in mind, let’s go over the top 5 must have tips in your newly made lawn and garden to-do list.

#5: Keeping A Water Schedule

One of the more obvious things on your lawn care to-do list is watering your lawn. However, what many people often ignore is that there needs to be a watering schedule put in place. What a watering schedule will allow your lawn to do is adapt to when it can and should absorb the beneficial water it is receiving. However, make a note of that fact that different states have their own watering regulations. If you have a strict water schedule where you live, a simple fix can be made by scheduling around the times you are allowed to water.

#4: Lawn Mowing

Another must-have thing to have on your newly made to-do list is lawn mowing. For those who don’t know, lawn mowing is arguably the most beneficial thing you can do to your lawn besides watering it. Not only does mowing allow your lawns to look clean and fresh, but it also allows it to grow stronger and thicker which are the main qualities of a healthy lawn. An even healthier alternative would be to use a scythe. Although, this method does take some getting used to.

#3: Feeding Your Lawn Regularly

Feeding your lawn is another essential part of growing a healthy lawn. While feeding is mostly associated with helping the grass grow, this same method can and should be applied to growing plants and flowers in a garden. To make things better, lawn food is becoming stronger and healthier by the year. It takes up a good chunk of the overall revenue of the lawn care industry. Moreover, make sure to not get overwhelmed with the many different options of lawn food there is to choose from. Make sure to test them out and feed your lawn the best food it gets accustomed to.

#2: Controlling Your Lawn

In many cases, people tend to confuse controlling your lawn with protecting it. To be clear, there is a huge difference between the two which should be separated on your to-do list. As far as controlling your lawn is concerned, this mostly takes up controlling unhealthy weeds that may end up killing your lawn if not taken care of. Given how frequent they show up, controlling your lawn is going to take up most of your time on your lawn care to do list.

#1: Protecting Your Lawn

At last, perhaps the most important thing you must have on your to-do list is protecting your garden. Again, this is different from controlling your garden. In regards to protecting it, this means using different methods of London-based insect pest control treatment that can hurt your lawn. This is especially the case with gardens were small bugs like to chew on leaves and roots. Overall, if these basic necessities of lawn care are added on your to-do list then the rest of the things on your list will be added bonuses.

Author Bio : Sarah works for YourGreenPal and she loves writing on lawns and gardens.