Autumn Garden Maintenance

After the blooming seasons’ summer and spring, it’s the right time to do a thorough cleaning during autumn or fall, the time when leaves start to fall, and flowers lose their blooms. Autumn is when the temperature’s just right, not too cold and not too hot. Now it’s time to do a maintenance check, general cleaning of your garden and preparation for winter, here are a few things you could do.

  • Soil Preparation

Preparing your soil before winter comes is better than doing it after the cold weather. The soil can freeze up during winter, which can help retain the shape of the bed then you can easily plant during spring. Hire expert landscaping services Sydney from Amico to guide you on the best landscape alteration of your garden. It’s also a good time to move around your plants, redecorate or transfer some of them indoors. You can also empty old pots or dying plants, to make room for new ones during spring.

  • Fresh Lawn

During the fall season, most lawns get covered with dried leaves from trees, this deprives it of sunlight and can cause dryness and brown patches. Clear fallen, dried leaves daily to keep your lawn healthy and fresh. Using lawn fertilizers during autumn is also advisable, it helps the grass to grow sturdier and withstand frost during the cold days of winter. At the end of the fall season, trim your lawn to at least a 5cm height.

  • Piling

It’s a given activity that you need to rake daily to gather fallen and dried leaves. These leaves can be used for compost later on. Clean out your old compost or make use of it then replace it with the dried leaves, so you’d have some to use after the winter season.

  • Cleaning

Before putting away your gardening tools and equipment for the winter season, make sure that you’ve thoroughly cleaned all of them. A spec of rust can spread easily on all your gardening tools. You can have professional gardening services Bondi from Amico to help you do the cleaning, or you can hire them to clean everything in your garden.

  • Pond Maintenance

If you ever have a pond in your garden, you can place a net on the water’s surface, so that it’s easier to gather all the leaves and debris that has fallen into the water. Leaving these dried leaves in the water can cause a foul smell.

  • Plant Protection

If you’re starting to grow winter season plants, crops or vegetables, you can begin placing covers on your plants to keep them protected from the cold. Some use old cloths like curtains, bedspreads, etc. to cover shrubs from frosting.

Final Word

The autumn season is technically a season of preparation for the cold weather to come. Some small tasks such as getting dental implants in Pittsburgh, still need to be completed before winter like clearing out pond water, bringing tools, equipment, and empty pots indoors, empty watering devices and taps so that it won’t freeze over, etc. Scan your garden when you’re done with all the tasks mentioned, and if you’re satisfied with the job, your garden is now ready for winter.