This Year’s Best Autumnal Interior Design Trends

Autumn is a time of harvest and transition. The summer heat slowly begins to dissipate as the days also become much shorter.  As the leaves turn from green to red, many residents also begin to feel the need to reflect this seasonal transition within their homes, adopting new colour tones and designs so that their interior better connects with nature.

This year, there are a number of autumnal trends growing in popularity, some of which are evolutions of historical favourites, while others are entirely new designs. If you’re looking for new design ideas, those that celebrate the season’s best aesthetics, then we are sharing just the trends for you!

Dried Flowers

House plants have been one of the most celebrated interior design assets over the past decade, with spider plants and cheese plants seemingly appearing in every home. This autumn, however, it may finally be time for residents to embrace the growing popularity of dried flowers instead.

These delicate and beautiful flowers are perfect for an autumnal home, not requiring the same upkeep as living plants and last for years too. Dried flowers can also be arranged in fascinating ways too, with green eucalyptus accentuating the soft browns of dried grass.

Log Cabins

Bringing the magic of a rural cabin stay to your home is an experience leading many to buy log cabins for their property. These outbuildings are replacing sheds as spaces of great aesthetic quality, giving homeowners the perfect outdoor space within which to enjoy a garden as the weather becomes much more seasonally cooler.

While many design their outbuildings for professional usage, some residents are establishing them as creative spaces due to the proximity they share with nature and the beauty of gardens in autumn.

Dark Wood

For a number of years, light wood has been the preferred style of wood for interior design. However, as autumn changes the natural landscape, replacing rich greens with dark and handsome browns, the later period of the year becomes the ideal time within which to celebrate dark woods.

A growing number of homes are finding not only the aesthetic value in darker woods but also the financial benefits as many antique dealers and interior designers continue to offer darker woods at a lower price than light wood alternatives. This isn’t set to last much longer, however, so be sure to get what you can soon.

Organic Aesthetics

Wicker, rattan, terracotta, and clay are examples of organic aesthetics, those materials that encourage homes to feel closer to nature. Their earthen and brown style also suits autumn extremely well. It may be time to replace your metal and plastics with natural alternatives, those that not only match the rich colour spectrum of autumn but also those that portray an environmental consciousness.

Rugged Fabrics

Covering furniture with cosy blankets is both aesthetically pleasing and practical, offering opportunity for friends and family to wrap up warm as the temperatures drop. Woolen blankets are a wonderful autumnal asset and are often associated with the Scandinavian lifestyle of hygge too.