What are awning windows?

Windows are available in different shapes and sizes. Every room in your house may have different window style. Awning windows, hung windows, casement windows, hopper windows are a few options. However, if you are thinking of selecting windows for a particular area, then you should keep these points in mind:

  1. What will the room be used for?
  2. The direction the window will face
  3. Which way it will open?
  4. Amount of air and light you need

Awning windows can be used for residential and commercial purposes. They are an amazing option for those who need ventilation along with security and protection from outside stuff

An awning window features quad frame and glass which open out. It is same as casement window with the only difference that it is hinged on the top rather than side. The bottom has a hand crank to open or close an awning window.

These windows get their names because of the effect they make. They efficiently protect the inside of your home especially when they are screened. Awning windows are famous because they can be left open even at the time of rain.

Awning windows are simple to operate which makes them perfect for those places which are hard to reach. You can easily install them above sinks in the kitchen or at height in the bathroom for privacy. They are also an amazing choice for basements which need ventilation.

Advantages of awning windows

These windows don’t have rails or sashes so they don’t give you an obstructed view of the outside world. They are simple to open and close even at the hard to reach places. Some of the benefits of installing an awning window are:

  1. Get remarkable ventilation: Awning windows are robust and are capable to hold big panels of glass. A bigger window means more light and air.
  2. Get an unobstructed view: Without any bars or metal rails, awning windows offer a clear view of the outdoor.
  3. Effortlessly operated: The handles are easy to hold and move, so you can easily open and close the windows without much effort.
  4. Simple to maintain: The 90 degree angle of these windows permits convenient cleaning on both the sides of the glasses.
  5. Higher security: You have plethora of options to secure your awning window. You can go for break-in sensors or auxiliary locks or safety bars.
  6. Energy effective: Awning windows are made of insulated glass to offer high energy efficiency and better comfort.

Awning windows are quite popular in Edmonton as they literally don’t have any disadvantages to name. However, the decision to get awning windows installed depends on the construction of your house and the look you wish to get along with the price.

The price of the window depends on several aspects such as material, size and company. The cost may vary depending on these factors. Steel and wood awning windows are expensive while PVC, aluminum, vinyl, fiberglass are cheap. So, think of all the aspects and then make your selection.